Friday, December 8

Tommy Keene - Chicago, IL 2014 (FM)

Live On the Mayne Stage 
Chicago, IL
July 2, 2014

FM capture (sound quality Ex-)

SAMPLE: "Back to Zero" (live 2014)

ROB SEZ: Here's more Tommy Keene goodness in memory of the tremendously talented singer, guitarist & song writer, who died just 2 weeks ago. Massive thanks to the taper & sharer (I would credit them by name ... but I've lost that info). I threw together some custom artwork. Come back soon for more...

JUST POSTED: NEW FLAC links for these previous TK posts: Washington, D.C. 2004 (sbd); Velvet Crush Live in 2005 with Tommy Keene (sbd); TK Live 1989 & 1998 (the latter was originally posted in lossless; I'm re-listing it for those who missed it).


On the fence about Tommy Keene's music?
Watch the "Deep Six Saturday" video.
The guy in the bear (?) suit is randomly goofy, but the rest of the video is thoroughly enjoyable. 
From TK's 2011 album Behind the Parade.
Learn more about the music of Tommy Keene 
at his web site and at AllMusic
Trouser Press covered TK's 1980s & early 1990s output.

Tuesday, December 5

Tommy Keene - Hartford, CT 1996 + Demos

Trinity College 
Hartford, CT
April 11, 1996

soundboard recording (sound quality Ex-; mix, sound quality & performance are all amazing)

SAMPLE: “Turning On Blue” (live 1996) 

TOMMY KEENE: through a looking glass
01 Call On Me
02 Going Out Again
03 Turning On Blue
04 Astronomy
05 Alive
06 Your Heart Beats Alone
07 On the Runway
08 Nothing Can Change You 
09 Silent Town
10 Good Thing Going
11 Back to Zero Now
12 Compromise
13 Love is a Dangerous Thing
14 Places That Are Gone

ROB SEZ: Talk about your heart-breaking news: the sudden, unexpected death of Tommy Keene last month was an ugly shock to his family, friends & fans like me. Tommy's older brother Bobby wrote & recently posted a moving, essay-length remembrance with lots of previously unseen photos. It's well worth a read, as is Blurt's extensive coverage. What's a music blogger to do in the face of such a loss? Find and share the best-performed, best-sounding ROIOs he's got. Expect more TK here soon, and a re-post or two from the archives. The 1996 show was shared by dap, who wrote, "This is one of my favorite Tommy Keene shows — great sounding soundboard, and great performance on the Ten Years After tour. Jay Bennett (from Wilco fame) is his second guitarist here, and he adds a tasteful dark tone to the proceedings."
Pre- Matador Demos
early 1990s
soundboard recordings (quality: VG++) 

01 We Got a Good Thing Going
02 Lies in My Heart
03 Your Heart Beats Alone
04 If You're Getting 
     Married Tonight 
05 Time to Say Goodbye
06 Tell Me Something
07 Before the Lights Go Down
08 Alive
09 Compromise

ALL PRAISES to those who shared these tracks. Unfortunately, I have lost their names — sorry about that. Leave me a comment and I'll gladly amend the post...

MP3@320 fixed - new link


Friday, December 1

Bigger Lovers - Live at WFMU 2002 + 2004

WFMU Live Session 
East Orange, N.J.
Nov. 4, 2002

webstream (sound quality: VG- to VG; 
the source is a lower-quality stream than I usually experience with WFMU)
SAMPLE: "Peel It Away" (live 2004)

01 Half Richard's
02 Forever Is Not So Long 
03 Emmanuelle
04 A Simple 'How Are You?'
05 Change Your Mind
06 Threadbare
07 Queen of Eyes (Soft Boys cover)
xx Interview WFMU 2002

WFMU Live Session
East Orange, N.J.
May 18, 2004
webstream (sound quality: VG; this sounds somewhat better than the 2002 stream)
01 You (You You)
02 Blowtorch
03 I Resign
04 Peel It Away
05 You Don't Feel Anything at All  
06 Ninja Suit
07 For Christ's Sake
08 You've Got to Pay
xx Interview - Joe Belock WFMU 2004
ROB SEZ: Not every radio station is loaded with money to archive their live sessions in the highest quality. It's hard to criticize the non-commercial WFMU in New Jersey, since they do such a great job promoting amazing lesser-known bands like Philadelphia's Bigger Lovers. Even though the webstreams I recorded are lower quality than usual, they're still worth a careful listen — and where else can you find live material by these guys? If you like Big Star and more recent bands like Waxwings, you might want to know about Bigger Lovers. Hot tip: Haper's got more goodies by this band at his Popfair blog.

Learn more about the Bigger Lovers' music 
at AllMusic and Trouser Press.
Stream & buy Bigger Lovers' music at Bandcamp.

Tuesday, November 28

Bad finger - Without You (Demos, Outtakes & Rarities)

Demos, Outtakes & Rarities
recording info: various
soundboard recordings (quality: VG- to VG+)

ROB SEZ: Hands down, this is the best Bad finger rarities compilation I know. High-quality demos, rough mixes, alt. mixes & outtakes — with faux "Japanese edition" artwork thrown in for good measure. 49 tracks, none officially released, sure to please the group's many fans. (Apparently, all but the final 13 "bonus tracks" on Disc 2 were released on an earlier boot compilation titled For Pete's Sake.) Strictly speaking, this is not from ASH. But it was inspired by Don and the other musos at ASH who loved this band. Enjoy.
FLAC (not my file or upload, so I don't know how long this FLAC link will stay alive...)
ASH Tuesday post #81

Friday, November 24

Even - Brisbane, AUS Jan. 2017 (preFM) + bonus

The Foundry
Brisbane, AUS
Jan. 14, 2017

‘Live Delay’ digital broadcast (first aired Sept. 10, 2017) 

preFM (sound quality: VG++; webstream recording)

SAMPLE: "Weather King" (live 2017)

EVEN: the face of rock 'n' roll, 2017.  Fab photos by Carbie Warbie
00 Live Delay intro
01 Karmic Flop
02 No One Understands Me 
03 Stop and Go Man
04 End to End
05 Don't Wait
06 Eternal Teen
07 Weather King
08 Way
09 Dear Morris
10 She Told Me So
11 Little Red Taxi
12 Peaches and Cream
13 Little Piece
14 Shining Star

NOTES: 01 - 12 = The Less Is More album, played live; 13 & 14 = encores
All the DJ intrusions have been removed, but I decided to keep most of the intro section. It includes a pretty good summary of the band’s history. HUGE thanks to Live Delay and Branko Cosic.

EVEN: playing together for 23 years.
Way past time for their music to be heard
ROB SEZ: WOW! I cannot believe my good luck finding this live set by Even in excellent sound quality. If you’ve been paying much attention to the blog this year, you know I’m a HUGE fan of this band. I'm posting this in the hope others will discover the musical treasure created by Ash Naylor & Co. If there’s only one new band you have time to check out, make it Australia’s amazing Even. A pretty good place to start: this video gallery of the band's singles (begin with 'Mayfair Laundry Bus', then move on from there). The bonus set is part of their opening slot for Midnight Oil in Wodonga earlier this month. It's a not bad audience recording that will please those who're already fans. It includes a previously unreleased new song, slated for the band's next studio album.
Victoria, AUS
Nov. 3, 2017

supporting Midnight Oil

audience recording
(sound quality: VG- to VG) 

01 Little Piece
02 Black Umbrella
03 Stop and Go Man
04 Victoria (new song)
05 Don't Wait
05 Life Gets In the Way
06 We Are the Purple Nazz

NOTE: this is lacking at least 1 song the band played on this occasion, and I’m guessing there were others not captured in this recording. Many thanks to preserver7777 for sharing.

(the brief Wodonga set, included with both downloads, is only available in high-quality MP3)
Learn more about Even's music at

Tuesday, November 21

Wondermints - All-Covers Show, LA 1998

unknown venue
Los Angeles, CA
March 1998

audience recording (sound quality: VG)

NOTEThere are guest vocals on some songs by Lisa Jenio and Lisa Mychols. The correct title for tracks 11 & 12  is "Cris Craft".

ROB SEZ: Gotta love those Wondermints. Members of the combo got so good at making masterly pop music that Brian Wilson tapped them to collaborate with him in live performances and studio work. We're indebted to Mick for today's post, for assembling it & creating the artwork. Thanks also to Don for posting years ago at ASH.

ASH Tuesday post #80

Friday, November 17

Hang Ups - New York, NY 1999 + bonus

Mercury Lounge 
New York, NY
Feb. 3, 1999

audience recording (sound quality: VG- to VG)

SAMPLE: "Comin' Through" (live)

01 She’s Got Everything (Kinks cover) 
02 Second Story
03 Caroline
04 Top of Morning
05 So We Go
06 Long Goodbye
07 Comin’ Through
08 Sleepy
09 Party
10 Hourglass
11 Black Licorice
12 The Queen
Taped and transferred by KamenLiter; tracked & shared by smores. BIG THANKS to them.
Hang Ups at The Current (photos by Nate Ryan)

The Current live session 
Minneapolis, MN
June 2013

webstream (sound quality: VG++)

01 Greyhound Bus
02 Comin' Through
03 Something Fragile
04 interview
05 He's After Me*
*Uptown Bar, Minneapolis, MN 1994-07-29 (aud) 

ROB SEZ: Ya never know when a lost gem might show up. This 1999 live set by the Minneapolis alt-pop group the Hang Ups surfaced recently, so I had to share it. HUGE THANKS to the taper & sharer (see above). You might find some more goodies hiding around here if you look...

FLAC (I'm sharing the 1999 NYC set in lossless as well as lossy. The 2013 set, however, is only available in lossy, and it's included in both downloads)

REPERCUSSION: Mitch Easter and Don Dixon produced the band's 1999 album Second Story (AllMusic Album Pick, 4-star rating).

Learn more about the Hang Ups' music at Trouser Press and Wikipedia. You can purchase a lossless download of the band's self-titled 2003 album at Bandcamp.


Tuesday, November 14

Jon Auer - Birthday Party (private show) 2002

Cath's Birthday Party
June 1, 2002
(location unknown)

soundboard recording (quality: VG++)

ROB SEZ: A limited-edition release that's now impossible to find. A very fun solo show with lots of covers. Hopefully, Jon won't mind my sharing it here as a giveaway. Thanks, as usual, to Don.

ASH Tuesday post #79

Friday, November 10

Lilys - Sacramento, CA 2017

Starlite Lounge
Sacramento, CA 
Feb. 3, 2017
audience recording (sound quality: VG+)
SAMPLE: Radiotricity (live 2017)

01 High Writer at Home
02 Overlit Canyon (The Obscured 

     Wingtip Memoir)
03 The Hermit Crab
04 Tone Bender
05 Radiotricity
06 Your Guest and Host
07 Threw a Day
08 Elsa
09 The Any Several Sundays
10 Ginger
11 The Perception Room
12 Touch the Water / Run Run Run (V.U. cover) 
13 Hymn
14 Claire Hates Me (false start)
15 Coby
16 Will My Lord Be Gardening
17 Dandy

Do bands have to pay extra for the psychedelic/swirly light show?
ROB SEZ: I'm told Lilys tried to be an American shoegazer / dream pop band in an early incarnation. This live set suggests they've come back to shoe-gazing. Feel free to call it what you like. But if you're into moody, guitar-heavy, densely melodic songs with curious lyrics, Lilys might be your new groove. Check the sample, get the download, and enjoy. Big thanks & kudos to Jim M. for recording & sharing. There's more here; you just have to poke around to find it...


Learn more about Lilys' music at AllMusic, Wikipedia and the band's FB page. What — you've never heard Lilys' Eccsame the Photon Band?!?
You can fix that HERE.